Caring for Lingerie Products

Its nothing worst than going for those special get-ups to spice up the night, only to discover your lingerie has lost a fight with the washer and dryer, looks faded, worn out out of just down right FINITO. Well I’m here to let you in on a few INEXPENSIVE TIPS to help you avoid these issues with Washer Monster.

TIP #1

As you know Lingerie and other garments come with care instructions on their tags but if your anything like I use to be you ignore them LOL. You think what the heck its just panties right?? WRONG. The key is to read the Care Instructions for each individual lingerie garment. A simple change in the Lingerie fabric can make a difference in the way it need to be washed .

TIP #2

Purchase a Lingerie Bag, with the exception of underwire pieces most Lingerie is made from a very delicate fabric, but  most lingerie can be washed in a washing machine using cold water and a lingerie bag. This particular item is extremely useful because they protect your lingerie from being worn out by rubbing against harsher fabric like denim, and they prevent them from getting tangled up  in other articles of clothing. For my fellow penny pinchers a pillow case will suite just fine.

TIP #3

Another big tip on keeping Lingerie intact would be to SKIP THE DRYER. High temperatures can cause your Lingerie to change in shape and can also result in materials becoming faded and worn out quickly. So just allow them to air dry but REFRAME hanging them that as well can cause them to stretch.


Last and final SAFEST tip in keeping your lingerie looking FRESH,NEW and FULL OF LIFE would be to roll up ur sleeves and get those hands wett lol. That’s right washing them by hand instead of in the machine your Lingerie will get the gentle care it deserves. There are even special Lingerie Care Detergents created for your delicates to come out looking its best every time.