Shopping For Her

Hey guys, ever find yourself trying to surprise your special lady by buying her something SEXY, but you find yourself feeling like a deer caught in the headlights once entering the lingerie store. Bra’s, Panties, Laced Things, Garters, Teddy’s things with chains on them ITS CRAAAAZZZZYYYY!!!! Well say thanks Lola because I’m about to give you a couple ideas to keep in mind when ShoppingForHer.


Ask yourself what kind of things do she usually purchase when she’s trying to make a move..or ask for a new pair of shoes. That’s usually her preference when it comes to Lingerie. Now I’m not saying its not okay to think outside the box but its safe to say she will approve.

Think about it like this if you never see your girl in thongs 9 times out of 10 its because the thought of a thin string claiming to be panties isn’t her idea of SEXY. Note: Sexy is a subjective adjective; meaning it can be applied to ALL shapes and sizes, colors, and sartorial styles and too Lingerie.


Nothing excites Lingerie Store employee than to assist a guy flying solo trying to buy something for his girl. Matter of fact she will be honored to know she played a part in something special to you. Heck I’m willing to bet even the other shoppers will lend body samples if your not sure on her size. Note: Fellas try to limit conversation with to many women LOL you better know her size.


Okay now when choosing colors and designs their are one or two routes you can take. You can go with a color that you favor because this is about the both of you. Or you can choose a favorite color of hers that compliment her complexion. Note: Stay away from colors you see her in.


Women LOOOVVVEE Gifts. Not only do we love gifts we love that fact of knowing our guy took sometime out of his busy day just to pick out something special for the love of his life (were dramatic), but these things count especially when she didn’t ask or if not even a holiday. Its all about appreciation. Balling on a budget?? No worries you don’t have to purchase from high end boutiques that’s not a big deal. Simply DITCH THE BAG lay her sexy lingerie out on the bed next to some fresh strawberries, flowers and two glasses of champagne…she will take the lead from there :).